Zoom And Go simplifies the booking process for travel agents worldwide. Our map-based platform integrates seamlessly with existing GDS or legacy systems, allowing agents of all levels to become instant destination experts. See an increase in productivity, preferred bookings, and profitability.


Travel Agents save up to 90 minutes per day. Cut frontline costs with full GDS integration

Preferred Bookings

Zoom And Go's search capabilities ensure the most profitable customer properties are highlighted and organized. Exceed Service Level Agreements and corporate compliance with up to an 89% increase in preferred bookings.


Content is king with unrivaled access to over 250,000 properties across GDS, non-GDS and OTA sources.


Advanced Map-Based Search

Easily integrate into your existing infrastructure with our feature-rich solution.

Seamless Integration

End-to-End hotel shopping platform fully integrated with GDS, OTA, and wholesalers.

Intuitive Platform

Say goodbye to the blue screen. Combine GDS and aggregator content into one visually rich, user-friendly interface.

Big Data

In-depth usage and tracking data allows agents to monitor compliance and provide better customer service.

Upsell opportunities

Opportunities to merchandise and deliver better value.

Eliminate "Lost Nights"

Visual PNR clearly indicates gaps in bookings. Eliminate "lost nights" to OTAs and direct.

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