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hotel attachment 

Hotel Attachment - Visual PNR.jpg
Make sure you don’t miss any hotel nights you could have booked. Don’t leave anything on the table. With our Visual PNR   and Hotel Attachment Strip   you can make sure there are no hotel nights left behind and that means no lost revenue opportunities. We give you the tools to ask the questions and support your clients.



Track bookings by agency or across multiple verticals, by office or by agents or track the bookings by client, hotel or location in real time. Know which channels and suppliers are working for your clients and your agency and use that knowledge to manage your business better and that of your clients.


your revenue

Earn more money - Assign IATA.jpg
Create rule sets that you can customize by agency, by group of agents, by regions or by specific agents. For instance, if you need to assign different bookings to different IATAs to achieve revenue targets, you can make sure specific hotels are booked according to those rules.  If you have a rate from a hotel supplier that you don’t want to promote because it could impact your revenue targets with a preferred hotel chain with whom you have a separate agreement, you can set display rules that align with your business objectives.  And more… we give you the power to prioritize the rates you want to display to earn more revenue.
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